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The FUD Letter Changes: Announcement

As Crypto Critics' Corner has continued to grow and as I have experimented with this newsletter for the last several months, I no longer feel that a monthly paid report is the best way for me to follow, document, and describe the things I am most interested in.  I think it could be again in the future, but for now my attention is split between too many projects, and I cannot give this the respect and time it deserves and you all deserve.  

This does not mean The FUD Letter is going away! It will become a free weekly newsletter, where I can express my thoughts freely, and where if I miss a publication date I will not feel as though I have let down my subscribers, which can be challenging when you're publishing a paid newsletter and have other commitments outside of it.  I will be experimenting with the exact format of this for the next couple months, but I want to be able to provide quick and useful commentary, that doesn't require several thousands words.  

It will come out every Sunday at noon (or almost every Sunday hopefully) and will include thoughts, links, and videos that I was following or found interesting over the last week.

I will also still be publishing breakdowns of protocols and things in crypto I find interesting.  Make sure to keep an eye on my blog where many of those will now land (though I will also link them in the weekly FUD Letter, so if you're subscribed here you will still see them!).  

If you are a yearly subscriber, you will be receiving a pro-rated refund from Stripe in the next couple days.

If you have made a monthly payment since the last issue came out you will also be getting a refund for that amount.

If you do not get a refund by this Friday, then reach out to me at bennettftomlin@gmail.com and I will do everything I can to make it right.  

I deeply appreciate the support you have shown so far, and hope that you will all stay subscribed to the new free newsletter!

Thank you,

Bennett Tomlin